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Exploring the Flavorful Fare of Juno Beach Restaurant: A Fresh from FL Menu Spotlight

This June, our Juno Beach restaurant, Ke'e Grill is delighted to present our "Fresh from FL" menu, a tribute to the freshest local ingredients and flavors Florida has to offer. Each week, our talented chefs will feature a special dish that showcases the best of Florida's seafood and produce, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

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Week One: Our Sauteed Snapper, topped with a fresh Florida mango beurre blanc and garnished with three succulent shrimp, kicks off the month with a burst of tropical flavors. The snapper's delicate texture and mild taste are perfectly complemented by the creamy, fruity beurre blanc, while the shrimp add a delightful contrast and elevate the dish to new heights.

Week Two: Indulge in our Macadamia Crusted Grouper, a dish that combines the richness of macadamia nuts with the vibrant taste of Florida mango. The grouper is encrusted with crushed macadamia nuts, giving it a satisfying crunch and nutty flavor, while the mango drizzle adds a sweet and tangy note. Topped with a sambal aioli, this dish has a hint of spice that balances the sweetness and makes for an exciting and delicious entree.

Week Three: Delight in the classic elegance of our Snapper Amandine. This traditional preparation features a perfectly sautéed snapper fillet, topped with toasted almonds and a brown butter sauce. The nutty, buttery flavors complement the snapper's delicate flesh, creating a dish that is both simple and sophisticated, celebrating the natural beauty of fresh, local ingredients.

Week Four: Conclude the month with our Sauteed Grouper, topped with jumbo lump crab meat and finished with a passion fruit beurre blanc. The grouper is sautéed to perfection, providing a tender and flavorful base for the sweet, succulent crab meat. The passion fruit beurre blanc adds a tropical twist, with its bright, tangy flavor enhancing the richness of the seafood and providing a refreshing finish.

Call 561-776-1167 to book your table now!

Join us at our Juno Beach restaurant, Ke'e Grill each week in June to explore and enjoy the finest flavors of Florida's coastal cuisine. Our "Fresh from FL" menu is designed to celebrate the season's best local ingredients, expertly prepared to highlight their natural beauty and taste. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant and sharing these special dishes with you.

Juno Beach Restaurant Featured Menu

Juno Beach Restaurant Featured Menu


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