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Fresh from FL Specials | Juno Beach Restaurant

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Month and AP Restaurant Group has partnered with Fresh from FL to celebrate freshness at our Juno Beach restaurant! Ke'e Grill has always prided itself on the quality and freshness of our ingredients and we have been able to serve our community since 1997 because of that commitment. So, when we heard it was National Fresh Fruits and Vegetable month, we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase the variety and freshness of food straight from our backyards!

Our Chef has carefully curated and sourced Fresh from FL ingredients to create this Specials menu where we feature something new and from FL every week in June! Check out what we're featuring below and then make plans to come in to enjoy our creative transformations of FL ingredients! Call 561-776-1167 to make your reservation and come enjoy our Juno Beach restaurant June featured specials!

Juno Beach Restaurant Featured Specials

Juno Beach Restaurant June specials menu


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