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September Clean Up Month | Juno Beach Restaurant

This September, AP Restaurant Group is proud to announce an exciting and impactful partnership with 4ocean for "September Clean Up Month." Across all our locations, including our Juno Beach restaurant, we're thrilled to introduce a special menu that not only promises a delectable culinary experience, but also serves a purpose for our oceans. Every time a guest orders an item from this featured menu they are pulling one pound of trash from the ocean. It's a powerful collaboration that not only tantalizes taste buds, but also fulfills our collective responsibility to protect and preserve our planet's most precious resource: the ocean. Join us this September for a dining experience that makes a difference—one plate at a time. Make a reservation at our Juno Beach restaurant by calling 561-776-1167 to enjoy this menu and make a difference this September!

Juno Beach Restaurant Featured Menu

Juno Beach Restaurant September Clean Up Menu


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