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Holiday Specials | Juno Beach Restaurant

As the holiday season unfolds in the picturesque setting of Juno Beach restaurant, our seafood restaurant is thrilled to present an extravagant array of holiday specials that promise to elevate your festive dining experience. Among the featured delights, our Surf and Turf steals the spotlight—a perfect harmony of a hand-cut filet and a succulent Maine lobster tail. Picture a plate adorned with the finest flavors from both land and sea, creating a symphony of tastes that captures the essence of celebration.

For those seeking the pure indulgence of Maine Lobster Tails, our chefs meticulously prepare these ocean gems to perfection. Each bite promises a burst of maritime richness, ensuring that your holiday meal is nothing short of extraordinary. Additionally, our culinary artisans present a tantalizing Bone-In Veal Chop, a true delight that embodies the spirit of opulence. The Prime NY Strip Steak, a 12oz char-grilled masterpiece, takes center stage, adorned with a decadent Diane sauce that adds an exquisite touch to this holiday feast. As our last choice, the Miso Crab Aioli Grouper stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative flavor combinations, offering a unique twist that sets this dish apart in a league of its own. Join us at our Juno Beach restaurant and let the holiday festivities unfold on your plate in a symphony of flavors that will leave a lasting impression. Call 561-776-1167 to book your table right away!

Juno Beach Restaurant Featured Holiday Menu

Juno Beach Restaurant holiday menu


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